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If you’re here, you probably like romance, happily ever afters, kick-ass heroines and hunky heroes with a weakness for intelligent, witty women. I’m with you all the way, because I like those very same things in a romance. From Jane Austen to Victoria Holt, Nora Roberts, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Julia Quinn, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, to the Bronte’s they’re my touchstones for all things romantic. Their writing is subsumed with romance but also with so much more, like human relationships, personal growth, strength and courage.

For me romances are the equivalent of chocolate. No one understands what women want, more than romance writers. If only Someone had thought of asking ‘what do women want’ before creating Adam :) But not to worry, romance writers to the rescue!

I’d love to hear from you and  I look forward to your comments and suggestions, if you’d like to share them with me.

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  1. Thashika Dilmin says:

    Hey It’s me Thashi. :) I created a account to post cmments. It is so amazing here. You’re the best kind hearted person ever I have met in my life. Thanks again for your presents. :) I want you to write another heart-touching novel like “The Contract”. It was really nice.

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