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“The characters are well developed and the plot is interesting. There is drama, emotions, humour and suspense all rolled into one story. The book is humourous and the names that C gives to people are actually very funny.  I finished it off in one sitting as the book is short, crisp and unputdownable.

Highly recommended.”

By Metroreader blogger

“Haveli is a breezy romance with endearing characters, a fast paced storyline and well crafted dialogues. I will revisit it whenever I want to read a modern, Asian version of Jane Austen books.” Rekha Sheshadri (blogger)

“I was hooked to this story right from the first paragraph! Zeenat Mahal has a wicked sense of humor which is portrayed through her writing.  All women can relate so easily to Chandni. Taimur as the Alpha Male is the dream hero all girls wish for. Hilarious and heartrending at the same time! I loved all the slapstick sarcasm. It left me wanting more. A beautifully written story and I look forward to reading more from this delightfully engaging author.” Saman Roshail (teacher at Scarsdale Lahore)

“Zeenat Mahal is the name to watch out for, that is a given. The attitude in the narration is just… juicy! It breaks a lot of stereotypes, about the people, about the era and about writing itself. I loved the way literary characters moved in and out of Zeenat’s world. And the sheer command over the language that Zeenat exhibits is in itself a treat. I commend Zeenat for having created a masterpiece.” Yamini Vijendran author of Full Circle

In Haveli, Zeenat has effortlessly combined east and west….the conversational tone of the characters is so subcontinental, the witty sarcasm on the other hand so western. Musharaf Ali Farooqi and Jane Austen come to mind. Zeenat is excellent at characterization. You adore the tongue in cheek Chandni(or-oops-pardon me, C), bossy Broad and the Alpha Male(just loved that!) Taimur. I read the story in one breathless sitting and was sorry when the story ended as I had to tread out of beautiful Cholistan.

I’d like to see more of C….and much much more of Zeenat Mahal. Kudos!” Neelima Vood author of Unsettled

“Haveli has all the elements of a great book; complete with well-rounded characters, a beautiful setting, humor, drama and some action. All in all a fun read that ends much too soon.” Khadija Zulqarnain (artist based in South Africa)



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The Contract

“Read through ‘The contract’ late through the night. Fell in love with both the lead characters. Beautiful romance!”  Sumeetha Manikandan author of The Perfect Groom

“Romance at its sweetest! When school marm Shahira agrees to a contractual marriage with business tycoon Hussain, you know what to expect, but Zeenat Mahal’s unfolding of Shahira and Hussain’s love story is marvellously tender and beguiling. I enjoyed it very much.”  M. M. George author of A Scandalous Proposition

“A striking description of the business of marriage, and how, marriage can never be a business.” Yamini Vijendran (author)




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